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    1. Usually I simply slam on the brakes and go to giving my spill, “Hi! How are you? You ever seen a penis before?”. But in this case there was something about her walk that made me hesitate. You know that walk of insecurity that they get from years of being told,”Looks like someone set your face on fire and tried to put it out with an icepick”? So I decided to try and get a good look at her face and then circle back, but then you know the rest of the story.

    2. @FRED, Your 100% RIGHT!!! You have a nice ASS..
      That must be why you selling your ASS to anyone..

    1. Do you think the whole technology miniaturization thing is just a secret conspiracy involving Asians, to make their penises appear bigger in relation to household objects? I certainly do. Maybe some day there will be a phone smaller than my erect penis. Some day.

  1. If that happened in US, the owner of van would be at fault for being parked outside the line. Hence, lawsuit. Large chunk of change for moped rider, which, in turn would get her attention (like Vic said).

  2. Dudes who rock a ‘fuck-eye’ while driving are usually the annoying assholes who say they’re going to pick up at the bar, only to go home saying that they were too distracted by a friend or didn’t want to leave the group. Their moment to shine is when they know they’re not going to have to use their pathetic dimple they call a hog. This douche got what he deserves. I hope it crushed his chances of procreating.

    1. Looked like some epic legs from here … Maybe it turned out to be a guy and it totally threw mr. Moped for a loop. Literally.

  3. Asian people are bad drivers at the best of times, then put them on a scooter and this is what happens!! On the up side, his face will not be any flatter!!

  4. Well, definitely a step up from the classic lamp post scenario… maybe he even died…
    But that fuckin… “language” hurts my ears.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not generally opposed to foreign-language videos but Chinese is such a fuckin ugly language, I hate it.

    1. No. Just thought since the discussion was “chinese”, I’d comment in chinese. So, you can read chinese then (I mean, than) obviously? Yeah, I know….google translate.

    2. Oh, no worries.
      Well, I’m keep 3 pcs running, doing work on two and entertaining myself on this one. So, I’m usually pretty quick to do a google translate on anything like that.

    3. I hear ya! Entertaining is an understatement. Hard to beat the smart-ass comments, sense of humor is great. All in fun. Helps us laugh at ourselves. Back to the “bashings” 😀

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