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    1. That’s a true alcoholic in my book. Ever seen someone get sloppy-ass-drunk off of one beer? Well, this guy…

    1. Looks like I’m gonna have to film myself blowing my brains out before we can get some good laughs. Ha! Good times.

    2. But then who would upload the video, Fred? You really didn’t think this through.

      This is a shitty fail… kid may just be enjoying playing grown-up, as most kids do. His retarded face is most likely permanent. Shame.

    3. Well, my videos are not, usually, that funny. I consider Upskirts and my One Man One Cup art forms, and consider them serious shit.

    4. Agree with you, Ian. This is weak. Becks non-alcoholic beer is what you drink when you lose a bet. This kid just learned why.

    1. It’s from FUUU comics. Some think it’s cute to steal parts and post with there own cute little “memes” or whatever you call them.

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