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    1. Obviously not me… I never leave my gran’s basement and have no friends to take a photograph. Have you put in a good word for me with your gay Latino home-boy? Guys like me don’t stay single for long.

    2. He ain’t interested, but that won’t affect you, it seems like u do pretty good on your own. You got 2lolo n Fred lined up waiting for a chance

    3. I’m pretty sure that you and 2lolo are twins/ lovers/ cousins/ the same person/ all of the aforementioned… so I won’t get in the way of true love. I would marry Fred but he’s all about the Japanese teens, which puts me shit out of luck.

    4. Come On “NICKY NO NAME” You know that’s not me.. Have a good look, It’s IAN…. Your ex lover…..

    5. @FRED Your CALLUSES on your Middle finger is from you JACKING OFF>>>>………. NICKY NO NAME……

  1. I’m thinking he had to go to hospital to have that ring removed from his swollen sausage fingers. Fortunately, he was most likely on day release from some kind of medical facility. Special indeed.

  2. Is it a prerequisite to be a total retard at comic/superhero conventions? I consider myself fairly normal so have never been to one, looks as if I’m really not missing out.

    1. I don’t know. I think it might be fun to go and make fun of all the retards there. We might run into 2lolo and dump him out of his wheelchair.

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