Kim Kardashian Fail


Celeb Fail

Someone threw a bag of flour at Kim Kardashian when she walked down the red carpet at the West Hollywood launch party arranged to present the celebrity’s new perfume.

Submitted by Leah T.

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    1. i like hahaha
      she could get this on a daily basis for all i care

      she is the ultimate Hollywood layabout
      what a whore

  1. Why is she covered in some strangers white stuff? I didn’t peg her for that type of lady, i always imagined her being rather wholesome.

  2. Hahaha! This is the most interesting article about Kim, nay, ANY Kardashian I’ve ever seen! At least the most entertaining!

  3. She’s a good looking dame. I think everyone who posted above this post is jealous of her fame, money or looks. I mean seriously… it’s not like she pushes religious beliefs, gloats about her wealth or does copious amounts of coke and ends up in the paper every other week. Pick your battles people, otherwise the world gets sick of your constant negativity.

    1. But I have so much negativity to give! The world can suck my crusty ball-sacks. Besides, I think you’re missing out one crucial fact… she has no talent and does not deserve her fame or riches… so our disdain is entirely justified. I can also honestly say that I do not envy her… although she did get to film herself having sex with a black man, which is certainly on my to-do list.

    2. Oh, I forgot to mention that she’s a self-important whore… and that vacuous, morally-questionable icons like her are symptomatic of a sick society. There’s almost certainly more so please do feel free to add…

    3. Come on now. She skinned her way into fame and then made the best of it. She’s a successful business woman now… not a tramp stamp wearing coke-head. Give her a break and fart on Lindsay bLohan or Paris Hilton.

    4. I would molest any one of those women but only because they wouldn’t enjoy it. I have plenty of hate to go around.

    1. The transsexual is one of most desired women in US.
      This is why you can hear so much proper American English in Thailand.

    2. What does English in Fuckland have to do with the price of pussy in Anartica? Proper American English”: another oxymoron.
      And she’s only “most desired” because tabloid media (our great Fourth Estate)demands that you believe she is.

    3. @EUG, You gut it right… FRED is a “TRANSSEXUAL”
      But just a want to be for now.
      @FRED, take a slow boat to THAILAND, they have the Best Doctors for your SEX CHANGE….

  4. I can’t stand her, but I don’t see how this is a fail. It was a dumb prank that she shook off rather well, which is something, since she’s usually a classless whore.

    1. i see why you can’t stand her she’s still hotter than most of the fake bitches with fame

  5. i have two theory’s of how that white stuff got on her 1. its left over cocaine from that wild party she left last night or ray j’s bottled up jizz that happen 2 exploded on her while she was holding it

  6. If anybody has seen the video of her and Ray Jay they would know she’s to white stuff all over her face.

    1. C8k why the fuck would you care if she’s married or not second why would that take such a tole on you that you would she deserves that?

  7. What I see here is a massive tag-fail:
    >Tags: bag Celeb Fail flower hit kim kardashian
    >flower hit kimkardashian

    Damnit, I didn’t know this site was run by illiterates!
    While the words “flower” and “flour” are indeed etymologically related words (the latter stemming from French “fleur de farine” which could be translated as “flower of farina”) that’s NOT how you spell “flour”, dear epicfail staff…

  8. sorry, I know she is ditzy and self absorbed….but she went backstage somewhere and got undressed due to this flouring…in spite of all her personality faults, Kim K undressing is just a win

  9. I don’t really like Kim K but getting flour thrown on you by a total stranger is just mean, you gotta feel bad for her bc she prob knows everyone hates her : (

  10. how is this even a celeb fail what did she do to say that she failed.
    its not even funny, more like something that belongs on tmz
    HATING FAIL on whoever took there time to put floor in a bag and throw it at a specific person that they dont even know

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