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  1. When I was about 13, I liked to get up at 6am and tug it whilst watching Sesame Street… used imagine that Maria was getting spit-roasted by Big Bird and Snuffaluffagus. True story.

    1. I had my suspicions that Cookie Monster and Elmo had a secret love affair but has Bert & Ernie come out of the closet yet?

    2. Is that you FRED??? Changing your name to “2ONON”?? 2ONON fit you just right… 2 man ONON you……..

    1. Is this an attempt at getting mercilessly ridiculed for an obvious fail at attempting to be first and or saying first in the for the sake of saying it? Put down the blunt for a second and try refresh every year or three……..


  2. It’s so obvious, that one can smack their head and ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Then you can say…”That’s so wrong on so many levels…” Lastly, just WTF?!

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