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    1. Damn Bill! You were Johnny on the spot. I had barely finished pressing the submit button.
      Thanks, though.

    1. Good point. She don’t seem to have much down in the bottom of the cart. Maybe that top tray is filled with shit inducers.

  1. I wonder what those shelves are going to look like once she get to the cash register? Is that a convenience store?

    1. She’s definitely a buffet kinda gal. While I can only one plate, she eats twenty for the same amount of money. How’s that fair? That shit pisses me off. That’s why I shit in my napkin and then dump it in the chocolate pudding. That’s why I love this buffet trend. Don’t ask about the tapioca.

  2. Does anyone notice the magazine in the left. That’s a fail in itself. Then, why is her leg in the cart. You guys notice the easiest things… that’s insecurity!

  3. Yall are evil…you never know if this person jas been working towards making her life better…..but once again heartless assholes have probably discouraged her. Way to go cyber bullies

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