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    1. So that can have a permanent curious expression on their make-up laden faces of course. I like to think that they’re pondering “what does penis taste like??”. Well girls, it’s kinda like chicken dipped in piss… delicious.

    2. YES!!! WE all knows your into drinking piss Nicky.
      AND FRED “HEhehe! Mine’s extra crunchy!” WHAT A DING-BAT!!!

    3. what the fuck is with these lame ass fails?? some idiot at EPIC FAIL decides adding an obvious comment to a lame fail will somehow enhance the fact that THEY didn’t fail by posting this shit?

    1. That’s not entirely true… I own a selection cock-pumps. Unfortunately, none of them work.

    2. Wait, does that imply you don’t have a micro penis? As in you’re saying you have a penis that does not need fixing.

  1. We’re still missing out on all the BB gun shots up the nose and shit. Where are all the real failers? You fuckwits got no money for BBs and gasoline or what?

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