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    1. Way to make it racial, as if this gentleman’s intelligence has anything to do with his color. btw, I’ve seen plenty of black people with worse tats than this. Not to mention this was obviously the tattoo “artist’s” fault. Spell check dude, really.

    2. honestly us white people pulled you black people (assuming your black) from a jungle desert tribe and brought you to america for reasons good or bad, and we got you away from your un-advanced countrey, You guys were bread for stupidity (no offence) but we ans the chinese allready had gunpowder while you guys where using rocks and starving, so who is really the stupid ones?

    3. @Bill You make me ashamed to be white. Nice spelling jackass. Did you graduate from the 4th grade? smfh

    1. At the risk of, once again, being unpopular (boo hoo – poor pitiful me): It’s not the tattoo artist’s job to correct the spelling when someone walks in and says “I want this on my forearm in a fancy script-style font”.

    2. to D’oh!
      If he/she is a good artist(not to mention, person) then yes, it damn well is his/her job. Especially if he/she wants more work!

    3. if your artist is any good they would ask you if you think that is correct, my tattooist wont even do sports or band tattoos unless your on the team or in the band thats the sign of a good artist not one who will just take money for anything

  1. i don’t buy this “blame the customer” thing. the guy permanently etching it onto your arm could say “hey bro, you want me to spell it right while i’m at it?” tattoo artist fail as well.

  2. Where in the fuck on the body is this tattoo at? Can’t tell if it’s a thigh (inner), bicep, forearm…WTF? Wherever it is, it’s flawlessly shaved. At least that part was done right.

  3. Hopless? depends…
    In middle east, that’s a given, but everywhere else in the world, call it special tea or beer, there is hop to be brewed x-]

  4. Well, he’s right people, This is a HoP less World, I don’t wanna live in this planet anymoooooooooooooooooore!

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