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  1. Holy shit! I hope, when I have kids, they don’t turn out to be this fucking arrogant, because I will ship ’em off to military school. Let ’em fuck up in there, ha ha ha.

  2. She should be disgusted with herself. What a little ungrateful bitch!
    Things should be like the old days. My parents would have beat my
    ass off had I said something even remotely close to what she said.
    Earn a little respect.

    1. Well if this isn’t fake, then your parents would have been in jail, so that’s why they couldn’t have beat your ass off, lol. I swear it’s the parent’s fault when something like this happens.

  3. what is really hurting you and just feel good about what you want see if you can forgive mom and little sister needs your concern maybe, I know it hurts i had only one daughter and she suffered but she left home with bf and then 23 years later says to me she wish she had gone on farther in school and did her hearts desire, I will keep you in m y prayers and hope it goes better for you your not a bitch your search for something just keep chin up and don’t punish your self by destroying mom, your hurting your self so much, take care and you will do right for you.

  4. what is really hurting you and think about how much more your going to hurt, if you have a bf then cling to him let mom whatever pleeeease dont harm her or sister think of her as very lonely as you are and just hope bf will make days better, is there a way to be with someone else for living arrangements then try to be happy with bf and you life your not a bitch its some don’t know hell yet I have a daughter that can tell you hell is not the way shes older n ow but she suffered, so just try to just help yourself get little sister out of where she is she needs you, but love your self and keep trying to have better thoughts, sorry about what ever mom did but hugs to you and be careful from now on, your special so be gentle with your life,

  5. WTF!! american teens are just a bunch of spoiled cunts!! they kill people or commit suicide because they want some ipad or boyfrieds or girlfriends,or another shit like that,fuck with that people…maybe is fake but surely people like that exist in that shithole called USA.

    1. The dumb bimbo probably couldn’t murder anyone anyways. Probably would get her ass handed to her. Also, anyone who is immature, twisted, and naive enough to even fantasize about murder people they “hate”, either needs to go to a mental institution, or needs to get beat bad.

  6. Seems like not a lot of people ever question whether these facebook fails are real or not. They always seem too perfect to be true. You know how easy it is to make shit like this in Photoshop? Not to mention the smoking gun… Her name is covered up but not her fucking face. Come on people.

  7. sweetheart … you should die .. you have just disgusting personality and no respect for the one who gave you life … you fucking little whore …i’m not bad person.. just say’n

  8. Too bad the person who posted this one covered her name.
    She would deserve to be spammed with hate messages.

  9. If she was my daughter she wouldnt have needed to lie to child services i would of made he lies a reality.

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