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  1. Should’ve gone to Specsavers?

    Either she’s on drugs, a standard drunk attention whore or she has very questionable taste in men and mistook that tree for Jimmy Kimmel, due to it’s innate inability to be funny.

  2. Can you imagine being a single guy there, the drunk girls would rather make out with a tree. Forever alone……….

    1. Good question… in my humble opinion, every generation has had a battle to fight, a uniting common goal or enemy… recent generations have had no such thing, ours is arguably a spiritual/ mental battle (for which most of us are ill-equipped and ill-informed) to define ourselves in a world where our true place and purpose is becoming increasingly hard to find. Combine that with a general decrease in moral integrity, a grossly overpopulated world saturated by distracting/ controlling/ misleading multi-media influences and the fact that most kids are retarded (how else would Justin Bieber and Dubstep be so popular?) and you have a recipe for disaster… essentially, we’re fucked. Don’t worry though, your gay friend will be OK… when you’re gay, everything is sooper.

    2. Wow Nicky that was pretty damn insightful, I’ve never thought of the whole past generations have had common enemies and goals. Now we can go back to what epic fail was made for though, masturbation jokes and 2lolo bashing.

    3. Thanks, when I’m not ‘bating over gay midget orgies, I can be pretty insightful… and yes, 2lolo sure is fuck-witted.

    4. @FRED, Thank you I ratter be a “FUCKWIT”… Than a “TRANNY” Hooking on the Streets, trying to make money for his SEX CHANGE…. And a TRANNY claiming to be a AMERICAN….!!!!

    5. Just because you don’t like Dupstep doesn’t mean it’s retarded. I could care less for JB, too, but it still doesn’t mean you are free to bash him. Previous generations have always had things to like and not like. The world changes, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The world always changes. Those who liked the previous world better will always hate on the current world like yourself. Go with the flow, and stop complaining, maybe you will stop being depressed and forever alone.

    6. If you like JB and “dupstep” you’re already doomed to be forever alone. And I do feel like I have the right to bash whomever I see fit, I’m sure it must be somewhere in the U.S. constitution.

  3. Fascinating… what we have here is a quite unusual type of paraphilia called “dendrophilia”… damnit i’d rather do her than watch her make out with a tree… fuckin treehuggers…

  4. Am I going to be the first person to say that shes fuckin hot, half naked, and acting slutty and no matter what shes doing this should be a win all around. I guess I am. Sexy bitch win!

    1. Unless, aforementioned “friends” are wearing a tutu and video taping with there/they’re/their phone.

  5. She’s no more on drugs than the man on the moon. She may have an alcohol buzz, but she’s not drunk enough to be that dumb accidentally. She’s an attention whore that’s feeding off the crowd like a baby feeds off a tit. I think that her daddy either didn’t hug her enough or he hugged her too damn much. She’ll be raped and think it’s a relationship.

  6. if i was one of those guys standing there watching her dance like that i would of so had a boner the size of that tree

  7. I need to find out where in the state this is cause all the men must be gay if hot birds are needing trees to pleasure them selves

    1. LoL.. who the hell wants that? there was so manny girls at that party.. oO Psychadelic Girl.. Only You want that.. i guess you are a fat boy living with Mc_donalds and PORN XD FOREVER ALONE BITCH!

  8. guys she wasnt on ex she was on acid. every one else filming was on x, this is Ultra Music Festival in miami, been there 4 times bak when it was cheap and its fun =D one year i made out with a bush

  9. guys she wasnt on ex she was on acid. every one else filming was on x, this is Ultra Music Festival in miami, been there 4 times bak when it was cheap and its fun =D one year i made out with a bush

  10. This is at UMF in miami rave fest and a drug pradise she probly on that yay acid xtc maybe some liquor crazy but i seen worse in my time young ones

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