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    1. At first, I was thinking it’s FRED Because his mouth is open like FRED what he dose his “ASS to MOUTH” trick….

    2. You really love that ASS TO MOUTH shit don’t you? Have your ever tried VAGINA TO MOUTH? I guess women only like mouths that are not REAL VAGINAS!!! If they want a vagina, they’re like me. They want two legs guarding it instead of two ears.

    3. Yet another insightful comment from the special bus.. good job 2lolo.. keep up with the good work we have all come to expect.

    4. doesn’t remedial mean “used as a remedy”, or like, prescribed or helpful in some way?

  1. yeah, this is lame… melodramatic much? if he wouldn’t have taken so long to pose for the picture the 5 second rule would have been in effect

    1. eeew,, that rule dont apply when dealing with a floor in a subway.. I dont even like to walk on them

  2. i give this obvious pothead points for getting out of the house though. bright side is he can just go back to his basement apartment, smoke a bowl and make some ramen noodles.

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