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  1. Typical lad at the gym… doing sloppy reps with weights too heavy for him. If you can’t manage at least 7-8 solid reps then they’re too heavy and if you absolutely insist on being a dick like this then at least use the smith machine to avoid killing yourself.

    1. That is why it’s a spotter fail, because he did have his elbows… Holding the elbows, means the weight could drop in any direction (as witnessed). What a spotter should do, is hold at the wrists, that way the weights can’t go anywhere, and I agree with Nicky No Name as well.

    2. Oh ya… I agree with Mr12″. Holding the wrist is amateur. It fell on his face cause clearly the weight is to much for him. It would have dropped on him regardless.

    1. Your weirdness just leveled up. At least you’re not taping yourself masturbating to your workout tapes because that’s a slippery slope you don’t want to go down.

  2. this idiot should be squatting anyway. later, you’ll see this fool doing bar curls in the squat rack. surprised he’s not fake tanned.

    1. The one where you escaped from your cage and tried to fit that whole elephant dick in your mouth? Naw, that’s too nasty. Always trying to the the star, aren’t you?

    2. See, 2lolo. SMUT likes you. He says you’re cute. Go fuck with him for a while. He may even like ASS-TO-MOUTH!!!

    3. @FRED I don’t know what you are talking about?? I’m talking about you in Bangladesh, India Zoo, Remember your Mother pimp sold you to the zoo. And your first lover was the Gorilla, where you first did your “ASS to MOUTH”…..
      Today your the GRAND MASTER of ASS to MOUTH………

    4. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember you sucking a gorilla dick, and you and it having, your so called “ASS-TO-MOUTH” bullshit. Yeah, we’ve all been there and heard that. ASS-TO-MOUTH, ASS-TO-MOUTH, ASS-TO-MOUTH, ASS-TO-MOUTH,…

  3. People commenting on using a lighter weight to start off with…how do you know he’s not on is 9th rep of his third set and his pectorals and triceps are just completely dusted?

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