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  1. Wow! I didn’t know we could send in pictures of our dicks! Where the fuck is my good camera?
    Nicky, will a telephoto lens help you any? I think I’ve got one you can borrow.
    Now the women have to show their stuff too!

    1. No need for a lens but I would give him a pearl necklace… if only to cover up that fucking awful tattoo.

    2. @FRED, Getting WET, Looking at his penis… Nick No Name used up all the Gal. of ANAL LUB… go out and buy more Anal Lub..

    3. LOL he looks like American Eagle’s bitch… might was well put the word “DOUCHE” in the middle in giant old english font.

  2. Thats not a shadow no way the shadow just happens to only be where it could look like a dick wouldnt it cover parts of his shorts also. Maybe he photoshopped that on there. I would just think a shadow would go below waist line on his shorts

  3. its a clear cup in his hand that you cant see.. aint yall ever sat in a pool with a beverage before? geeze, whys everything gotta be sexual?

    1. I’m not too sure my husband would be content with his wife sending nude pics to another guy. But I know someone who won’t mind sending u a few, u up for it 2lolo?

    2. Let see?? MARA is a DYKE and FRED is over sex TRANNY… How can MARA and FRED ever have SEX??? By using FRED SEX TOY, his BASEBALL BAT…

  4. y dont u all just shut the fuck up! and quit talking to nicky and all the other dumb fucks on here! GO KILL YOURSELVES!!!! F U ALL

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