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    1. Centipedes? This bitch has a serious problem. I think she should check and see if she has a pulse.

  1. Sounds like a standard case of ‘minge-mites’ to me. The cure is quite simple… wrap a banana in bacon and insert into the vaginal cavity. After 2 weeks, remove the aforementioned and, via a straw (or large hose, depending on your vag), vaginally consume 7 liquid ounces of ice tea. Stand on your head for 2.5 hours, reciting the lord’s prayer and then you should be both cured of mites and lemony fresh.

    1. There’s also a method involving trained ant eaters and summer pine car-freshener… but it’s risky.

    2. You sound Wiccan.
      Is that sheepshit tea that she uses or Earl Grey? Lipton?
      Can’t you just douse the minge with gasoline and light it?

    3. Nicky No Name, you’re a fucking idiot. Its pretty sad how many people actually think your comments are witty, and the fact that its obvious you get off on people congratulating you for them.

    4. To be honest, Nicky No Name, your comments just sound like bullshit ramblings from a person who tries to hard.

    5. And it pisses you off, tremendously. Seems another mission is accomplished.
      I suppose you’d rather read cute comments like “First”, “Did he dieded?”, etc.

    6. What? I only come here now to read NNN and Fred’s witticisms. Should the bacon be cooked first?

    7. The tea has to be Earl Grey and the bacon needs to be raw/ streaky, ideally smoked. You can use baking butter to grease the whole thing up a little before insertion, if necessary.

      And thank you for the kind words 1c3m4n80, I’ve put aside a Nicky No Name hate club t-shirt for you and a “2lolo makes me lol” mug… furthermore, I shall touch myself this evening, whilst rereading your comments. God bless.

    8. Oh, and Fred, I would never recommend getting gasoline and open flames near an uncovered vagina… unexpected queefing could cause severe burns, maybe even a house fire. Safety first.

    9. @Nicky No Name, You can be piss-off at me all you want…… I still “WOULD NOT” and NEVER WILL Let you SUCK my PENIS… Now that you are training with FRED your Grand Master in the “ART of ASS to MOUTH……

      Thank You,

    10. For fucksake! Will, whoever it is, quit letting that geek out of his cage? What the fuck will we do when guests are over? We’re beginning to resemble the Addams Family.

    11. I’m just curious how long it takes 2lolo to come up with these genious replies..

      I’m very curious about the more risky course of action. I have one ant eater (untrained) and like 35 of those pine tree fresheners hanging from the review mirror of my car.. Enlighten us please.

      Oh and 1c3m4n80 is a cunt!

    12. The only reason I always come back to this site is because of you two guys, or girls. By the way Fred you’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack You and your out of this world humor! 😀

  2. I wouldn’t doubt it. A woman that used to work for my ex-girlfriend, told her that in lieu of washing her underwear regularly, she would spray her panties with Lysol.

    1. FRED, STOP all your BULL-SHIT.. You never used any Underwear!!! You just life-up your dress and bend-over. You’re like McDonald’s “IN and OUT”…

    2. And I don’t wear any dress that I can “life-up”. I’ve “lifed-up” a dress or two. I think you could say. Not sure what the fuck you are saying…as usual.

  3. I’m with Krieger’s comment. But it does sound fake, but then people are stupid, but it sounds fake, but people are stupid . . . lather, rinse, repeat.

  4. As it are centipedes, the rule is: they always come in hundreds, so lure them out the pussy with a nice sugar cube, then count, if you get a round hundredfold number you have them all; if not: repeat with another sugar cube. Afterwards you can set them free in the woods. This is the most natural remedy.

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