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  1. Why? Why would you do this? If you’re gonna let somebody do this to you shouldn’t you at least see some of their artwork before letting them mark you for life?

  2. I’m pretty sure its just gang tats. The majority of them aren’t perfect. Somewhat on purpose so this is epic fails “sheltered white kid fail”

    1. I should think “sheltered white kid win”… really… seriously… most definitely… given the alternative presented here…. dead by 24.

    2. Well, a “gang tattoo” doesn’t always have to mean an “ugly tattoo”, does it?

    1. those arent triggers its the finger gaurd. Only a faggot would would fuck that up!!Fridged Guy…

    1. I don’t think those are triggers. IMHO those are the thingies you put your index finger through to press the trigger…

    2. Those are definately the triggers that are backwards, the trigger guards are correct. LMAO – Childproof guns … Who knew it was so easy!

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