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    1. Not really dude, when texts are sent to a list of people, the list of contact phone numbers generally pops up on the text when the recipients get it =/ so its definately a fail.

    2. depends what phone you have, could just copy and paste, also save typing time, bills not even my real name i just picked a random stupid name

  1. He can take time to screw 6 different women over but he can’t take the time to send individual messages to keep up pretenses. Typical douche bag.

    1. yeah .. or may be he’s a mytho, and it’s just to show off , he’s likely a single

  2. I fucking hate text messaging and all the fucking aftermath which it always causes. It’s just a waste and an argument waiting to happen.

    1. Yes, FRED, we all know you hate “Text Messaging”
      You want the real thing up your anal…..

    2. 2LOLO are you just constantly hanging on these guys’ nuts waiting to pounce with your idiot logic and toddler’s grasp on grammar?

    3. I’m gonna write a story about a serial killer that goes after fuckheads like you. Think I’ll call him Fredxter.

  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is 100% fake. If it isn’t the guy is a dipshit. When an Iphone sends a group message it then takes everyone’s response and sends them to all the phones meaning every girl on that message would get the other girls responses.

    For the dicks who have IPhones and say you can turn Group Messaging off, then the top of the phone wouldn’t say “New Group MMS”. AKA Fake Fail

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