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    1. damn right, when I was a kid all I had was an A-Team big wheel, this kid gets ground effects & flames- and he doesn’t even have to pedal it himself? this baby is the 1%. somebody should JFK his parading ass.

    2. Don’t get mad because some people work for a living you fucking tool! Get a job and get off welfare you shitstain, I’m tired of paying your bills.

    3. you pay my bills? thanks bro! but listen, do you think you could just send me the cash instead? btw, I live in Canada, so our dollar is technically stronger than yours right now.

    4. Yea but it is still canadian money it is essentially monopoly money bro plus Canada fucking blows

  1. Anyone else notice that that the Nicky No Name fag and his other fag cohorts never comment on the fun, light hearted videos like this one?

    1. That’s because we have a limited supply of sarcasm and it should not be wasted on “a win”. And “cohort”, I prefer bum chum!

  2. Anyone else notice that that the “Total Weiner” guy has no cohorts and that this is probably only the third comment that he’s had the testes to make other than “First to say first” and “U mad brow”?

    1. Owned. Top reply, Fred I cant help but when i read your name, look left see the green emblem and it makes me think of Rik Mayal as the drop dead fred guy. Maybe it’s just me..

    2. Aw, man! I love Rik! I didn’t know that he did the Drop Dead Fred, though! I’ve never seen that, either. I loved The Young Ones!

    3. but you know, he brings up a good point. where IS Nicky, anyway? maybe someone should see if he’s okay, you know, in case he choked himself too long or something.

  3. oh hell yea like a freakn boss up in that thing i would like to own the original full size galaxy 300 and do that

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