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    1. Ha! Didn’t notice that at first. Must be Friday and they’re getting ready to party at a Walmart parking lot. Get hooked up with some more “nose candy”.

    2. YES!! FRED, You Like Girls…. When any girls take a shit, FRED is there to lick her ass clean……..

  1. What I find so great about the internet and camera phone mix is that we get to see into everyone’s bathrooms and observe their bathroom habits. But will we ever go back outside and get some “fresh air”?
    Excuse me. I gotta go shit and take a picture.

    1. it’s toilet paper. she probably swallowed her tongue stud and is carefully checking her stool.

    2. You know, this is fun just watching women in the bathroom. I think we should install some cameras, strategically located in our bathrooms and start a Bathroom Channel.

  2. Does anyone else get the vibe that these two are a couple? Or at least sisters because they are quite similar when it comes to what they think is moraly/socially acceptable…

    1. Good way to score some cheap pussy and some shitty cocaine. Or vise versa.
      Thanks for the submit.
      What the hell has she got her tongue stuck out for? She have a tongue-jones and trying to see what a tongue-jones looks like? She’ll be trying to see what a clit-jones looks like next.

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