Facebook Dad Win



Submitted by Leo H.

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    1. Your retarded… Making a comment on a social network about a picture… No one would care lol

    2. this isnt child pornography becasue they are fully clothed. and he didnt have sex with them, so hes got nothing to worry about no matter what age they are….

    3. @IAN, You will be happy to know that the cops can and will strip search you…….
      Your wife need milking go home….

  1. I don’t have that problem. I keep my pants off while I’m on the pc. Never know when you may need quick and easy access.

    1. YES!!! FRED we all know your fast to drop your panties and bend over…… QUEEN of ASS to MOUTH………….

    2. I don’t have a problem with the dad masturbating to this. So do I. I just don’t think he should advertise it on public forums. He’s a sick fuck.

    3. Happy to put your mind at ease, Kitty Kat. Seems we’re close to one another. How soon can you get here? We could chill by the pool.

  2. He was probably taking a picture of the chicks shorts in the middle. They are inside out. You can see the tag.

  3. thats just fuckin disturbing…….

    dirtbag, and everyone who liked it. id be fuckin humiliated if i was that girl…

  4. wouldn’t it be incest cuz shes said ‘love my tem’ meanig she is included. I found this disgusting as hell.

    this was a Title Fail cuzz there is no WIN in any part of this

    1. The unthinkable has happened. 2lolo made a non-gay joke.
      Scratch that, I mean 2lolo typed something coherent.

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