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  1. Is it supposed to be sexier that she looks like she’s in her daughter’s room? No 40 year old woman should have that doll hanging there…

    1. 2lolo, what is wrong with you? Have you ever been to school? Have you ever seen daylight? Why are you obsessed with men you don’t know… Get out, get an icecream, wash yourself, get a haircut and get a f*** life!!!!

  2. She’s pretty anyway, even if she tried to appear skinnier….Asian girls look pretty , imo, especially korean girls. (:

    1. I’m for all brands. The brand-choosy don’t know what they’re missing. But many are not choosy by choice. They resolve to take what they can get.

  3. maybe its not photoshop, maybe its a gas leak, and thats why everythings so wavy, this might be dangerous, she could be dead.

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