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  1. I’m disappointed. Not a kid, not a fat person, no blood and most of all no shrill screams. PIZZA, DO A PIZZA!

    1. FRED. when you get here I’ll send a friend to pick you up. he or she will bring you to the ring…..
      write to me here and hotel name…

    2. I have a feeling that 2lolo if you send someone to pick Fred up they will never be seen again.

  2. I used to work on a tubing hill. I’ve seen way better. People laying on tubes cause a full one and a half flips with the obvious face plant and then the ensuing heels to the back of the head taco move

    1. Please post videos, you must have seen some absolute unreal fails, much better than what’s been showing up here lately. The only true fail here is 2lolo, and we just cant seem to get rid of him!!

    2. I went down a tubing hill and took out a little kid at the bottom, poor little bastard lost his shoes.

  3. i once got in an accident with an a hole snowboarder. he cut me off, my skis got caught under his board and i flipped. i was lying on the ground and couldnt get up because my ski was under my other one and i couldnt pick my leg up. yup. the plus side was at the “medical room” some hot chick had to take her shirt off to get to an injury. boobies!

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