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  1. There is SOOOO much to comment on in that pic.
    1. non-caucasion Robin has a white dudes left arm
    2. chick has a twenty hangin’ out bottom of da skirt
    3. “Robin” has one of those fake dog poops in his crotch
    4. dude in orange shorts is taken pic of it
    5. I’m actually commenting on the pic

    1. the guy in the orange shorts deserves his own entry, really. what the actual fuck was he thinking when he put that outfit together?

  2. 6. The guy in the blue jacket and orange shorts is rubbing his dick

    7. The guy in the blue shirt and sunglasses and fake chain is train to crash their photo

    8. The chick has a 5 head not a 4 head, like she is going bald in the front or she is bald and has a messed up wig on

    1. I remember a time when Epic Fail would cover that shit up with its logo. But have you noticed, Ian, how you’ve totally fucked up their morals here? Face it, you’re just not a good role model.

    1. …and here we go in 3…2…1
      2lolo, try and comment without using : queen, ass, mouth, wife, milk…..PLEASE! purty PLEASE! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. @FRED, WHY thank you… I’ll be very happy to be part of a family of blacks… IT’S better than having you in my family…. Your family is all TRANNY’S, FAG, ASS to MOUTH……

    3. Ok. it makes sense now. But, at least it was a comment without the same old-same old. So thanks for that. as you were soldier

    4. He said ass to mouth…two of the words that you asked him not to say.?.?.?.? Why would you say good job or as you were soldier? He totally proved your point and you just let that Fruit loop off he hook~!

    1. I was thinking I would like to clean her carpet with my tongue but if it matches her wallet. Forget it !! Thanks for the heads up Mara. I owe you one. She would make one hell of a cat woman….Meooooowwww….cum here pussy..

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