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    1. she isn’t real.. she’s photoshopped. look at the face in contrast to the body, not only does the lighting not match up, but the size and angle isn’t quite right either.

    1. Oh! Okay. Gotchya. See? That’s proof I rarely eyeball a girl’s face (or bulbous head) till I’ve fully perused the bod.

    2. Yeah, I got stumped on that one too!! I was thinking to myself, that old bird has a great body, I would definitely have a crack. Hmm, don’t I feel silly!!

    3. @FRED, I have good news for you….. Now the Cops can Strip Search anyone. Once the Cop see your large RECTUM, Cop will be happy to fist you…

    4. Yup, especially if he takes the whole lot of them, and then chugs down a bottle of rubbing alcohol. One can dream.

  1. Wow… If it wasn’t photoshopped…. She would still be a double bagger. Come on ladies. If your not wanting to use you own picture just steal one from google… Forget trying to photoshop. If your Body is ugly your face prolly is too.

    1. Well, I didn’t know until it made it here everybody pointed out that it was photoshopped! Excuse the hell out of me! Everybody makes mistakes!

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