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    1. This is why this world it’s going to hell for people like you Ian. And mj, what’s so funny about telling a lil kid to suck ur eggs? Sick

    2. Lmao I was thinking he was just trying to help him find his Easter eggs 😛 but Ian was much funnier then me

    3. Hey Mara, it’s not like I mentioned testicles, balls, scrotum or gonads, I just mentioned eggs. You have a sick mind!! Go suck my sausage/hotdog/bone/meatstick!!

  1. Its made soooo much creepier by the fact that he’s just staring at the camera.. like ‘ya, im doin this, whatre you gonna do about it?’

  2. I shall keep you warm, little Jimmy. Please nestle in the interiors of my warmth and love. Drink from the loins of our being. Replenish, young Jimmy…. replenish.

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