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    1. He might be. not sure. If only someone that knew something about chemistry was here, they would let us know.

    1. I’m in hell playing Spades with Dahmer, Gacy and Bundy. Ted is an underbidding dickhead. We’re about to go back 100 points because he can’t bid his fucking hand.

  1. Reputable sources tell me Dahmer accepted Christ before he was bludgeoned to death. So, you’re obviously not telling the truth. Either that, or you’re using that metaphorically for………

    1. Dahmer could have accepted Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad, and he would still be soaked in kerosene. Believe me: he’s a crispy critter.

    1. They planned it obviously, and the teacher was using the left side of the blackboard, so apparently he didn’t see it, heh.

      This video is one of the best things I ever saw (cause it made me smile, simple). 😀

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