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  1. >_> it just means u have to put ur damn keyboard in before the computer ll start……. not that much of a fail if the comp got a password u need to type in anyway

  2. Haven’t seen this in a long time… Now i find it funny because it’s not me having the problem. 😛 (The real fail probably is that keyboard is plugged in but the computer doesn’t recognize it)

    1. You really got a hard-on for me, don’t you? You lay in bed at night, imagine that I look like your heart throb, Ashton Koocher, and masturbate, don’t you?

  3. i had this error with a ps/2 (not playstation 2) keyboard when i reconnected everything after cleaning (forgot the keyboard). i had to reset the computer coz pressing f1 was not doing anything when i connected it without switching the computer of first. i dont know about usb keyboards though. i do know with usb keyboards usb legacy needs to be enabled in the bios for a usb keyboard to work in the bios and in dos (i think it is by default anyway but if its of it explains why this message is showing coz the bios cant find usb or ps/2 keyboards connected) but windows ignores this setting since all that crap is setup by the hardware abstraction layer when windows is loading so thats why it will work in windows after showing this message. i could be wrong though. i just read complicated things of the net and try to make sense of it. lol i bet the moderator is gonna yawn at this comment and delete it (please dont) but after all this i can say this picture is a technology fail and that message is not normal.

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