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    1. Ignorance CHECK! Ignorant Attitude CHECK! Whory Photo CHECK!, Congratulations its an AMERICAN !!!

    2. Correction, you fucking ignorant moron! EVERY country, has their idots! To be honest, some of us Americans, are pretty damn intelligent. We are never taught to aplly ourselves. Or, pushed to be educated, and intelligent. What I know today, however, I HAD to teach myself. No one taugh me. Not even my teachers.

      So, shut the hell up, and stop being such a judgemental, unintelligent, bloody asswipe!

    3. No, Zoey is mostly wrong.
      America is near last on everything except Military Power.
      Education is shit here.
      Yes, we have intelligent people. But there’s not very many and they’re not even noticed.

    4. Zoey, not being a hater, but, you might want to start proof reading your comments on intelligence before you hit the submit button. (idots, aplly, taugh)

    5. Lol Zoey, your comment reminded me of that speech that girl from South Carolina made, “such as, we as US Americans, need to “aplly” ourselves because we no “idots” up in hurrr, we needs to taugh weselves to get learnerererer…such as…AMERICA!”

    6. Wow,Zoey…. I am from America and you have just shamed me horribly. In trying to prove your point you made yourself look like a bloody idiot. I do believe each country has it’s idiots, and we seem to have an abundance, I think it is more noticeable here because the general population cannot seem to wrap their minds around the saying of “think before you speak”. I appreciate your patriotism… but do you see the IRONY in your comment? The picture is about a American Female complaining about intelligence, but is clearly unintelligent herself and has no clue what so ever about grammar (I know we can all see the picture, I just am not clear on if Zoey understood) …so point being why on earth would you go and type something to stand up for our intelligence, but misspell every other word…that is Priceless for one, but for two it upsets my stomach knowing these are the people standing up for my country to prove our intelligence.

    1. Many prepositions become a noun when you put an article in front of them. Like “the above”.Nya, nya, nya.

    2. @FRED, Every learn the word “ABSTINENCE”?? Please us this word..
      Because Nicky No Name is at the DOCTOR OFFICE!!! You Gave NICKY “GONORRHEA”!!!!!!!!!

    3. @FRED, Every learn the word “ABSTINENCE”?? Please LEARN this word.. And used it……….
      Because Nicky No Name is at the DOCTOR OFFICE!!! You Gave NICKY “GONORRHEA”!!!!!!!!!

    4. Well, well, well. He’s going for the “vocabulary word for the day” learning plan. I’m just surprised he figured out how to OPEN the dictionary.

    5. Here’s another word you should look up: procreate. As in “2lolo should never procreate”.
      Just say “No”, 2lolo.

  1. In 7 years she will have two kids and be living off welfare so that my tax money can pay for her alcohol abuse and hair extensions.

    1. this is just getting sad 2lolo I mean every post fred says something funny and you just say something about freds ass. Be more original and stop being so butthurt.

    1. Sometimes when patronizing, ignorant, fuckwitted women are speaking to me, I can’t help but think, “With a strip of duct tape to cover this bitches cumtrap,…eh, I’d hit it”.

    2. YES!!!! FRED!!!!!!!

      We all know you only hit girls!!!!!!!! ONCE in you’re FAG LIFE fight a MAN…………….

  2. I hate this world….. Scientists figured out how to manipulate weather, create some types of crops that won’t freeze, but can’t get people to get past a fourth grade education? Really?

  3. She used the correct spelling. She passed a certain level of achievement (middle school). So, I assume that the fail is the person correcting her incorrectly.

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