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    1. I’m not mad but I do look down on people like you as lower life-forms, a sub-species… somewhere between mentally retarded chimps and maggots that feed on rotting shit… there you are.

  1. It’s fun to shit in the bath. Providing you don’t have diarrhoea, turds can make great submarines or battleships… I’ve spent many a happy hour in the tub, re-enacting Sir Francis Drake’s glorious defeat of the Spanish armada using nothing but floaters and a little imagination.

    1. Why not indulge in a little nostalgia… run a cold bath, fill it with ice, curl one out and play Titanic. A piece of semi-digested sweetcorn makes a great Leonardo Dicaprio.

    2. @FRED, Don’t act like you don’t know anything about SHIT!!!!! After all you was CROWN Queen of ASS to Mouth…..

    3. thats nasty ass fuck y are ppl now a days so facin ated with shit it used ta be you only heard bout shit from lil kids when they were first potty trained

  2. I don’t get it. Why is this a fail? The wipes?! Look, I like to be clean, so I use them. I can justify this very simply. Let’s say you walk outside without shoes and on this walk you step in a freshly dropped, steaming pile of dog shit. Gets up between your toes and everything. Real vile, hot, stalky poopoo. Do you then come inside, grab a dry paper towel, wipe off the poppin’-fresh shit with said papertowel and then proceed to put on your socks and nice shoes??!! Do you??!! Fuck no you don’t so why is your asshole any different??!! It’s not, and it shouldn’t be. There’s too many people walking out of restrooms stankin’ of poop, and publicly no less!!! Wash yer ass, ya’ dirty bastards!!!

    1. Are you really that ignorant? Look in the shower.. there’s a roll of toilet paper! Now think about this. Slowly. How are you going to get to the toilet paper if you’re sitting on the toilet? Do you get it yet? Feel like a genius yet?

  3. I could be wrong but that isn’t a toilet paper holder. Some bathrooms have those square slots in bath tubs to put your bar of soap in or whatever else you want in it.The little arms that are holding the toilet paper up were added by the owner. I’m pretty sure.

    1. You’re probably right, but I suspect this is an Indian owned and operated Days Inn bathroom They’re not into Western shit protocols.

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