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  1. Never have liked the name “Skittles”, myself. Sounds like a name that should have been reserved for those little lint balls that form in the fly of your underwear. What the hell are those things called, anyway? I call ’em “skittles”.

    1. I don’t wear underwear. I find it restrictive. Also adds valuable seconds to my masturbation start-time. Got it down to 0.47s when wearing jeans. That includes time taken to light the scented candles.

    2. Lint balls in your underwear? I think u might have a personal hygiene problem Fred. And Nicky you are just disgusting, u need to find yourself a girlfriend.

    3. It’s sweet of you to offer Mara but I’m not interested. I can put in a good word for you with Fred though… maybe he’ll let you taste the rainbow.

  2. The tattoo is to honor Travon Martin. The tattoo artist fucked up. It should say, “He melts when he gets shot, but not before then”.

  3. looks like a few blue one’s had melted in the bag though.
    what body part is that? elbow? amputee knee?

  4. ummm duh stupid its Skittles Taste the Rainbow!! Of course i would know im Skittles!! They melt in ur mouth is for m&m’s!!

  5. So ppl still haven’t learned not to ruin their bodies!!! How can the tattoo artist and the customer b that dumb?

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