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    1. Yeah, but people like you and I that are diehard fans of Twilight are the only ones that will get that.

    2. that explains why people look so confused by my autographed mythril Robert Pattinson shirt.

    3. I have the same reaction from folks when I’m on the sidewalk playing with my Kristen Stewart Urukhai-whore action figure.

  1. Ummmm multi fail really. Says in the beginning ‘two truck fail’ which is true, but the caption says tow truck fail…

  2. NEXT EPISODE of Ice Road Truckers! I call that a win, since the guy jumped out before it went over the cliff. I hope nobody was in the other truck!

  3. This was in Norway. A foreign truck with summer-tires!! got problems when coming to snow. The driver of the truck beeing towed was actually sitting in the truck when this happend. He survived like a miracle. Only got an arm-fracture.

  4. I hope the freight box was hauling either toilet paper or underwear, because there are two drivers who HAD to need both!

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