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    1. It was so good that I printed it out frame by frame on rolls of toilet paper and wiped my ass on it. Dicaprio’s nose is especially absorbant.

    1. Neither. The worst part is some ‘lucky’ dude is going to breed with them and they both are going to reproduce.

  1. Yes. It was a documentary. But originally it was a “live” TV show. Leonardo and Kate have aged well.

  2. If it were real, Dicaprio would be dead and Kate Winslet would be too old to make any more shitty films. Unfortunately, it is not.

    1. so does that mean you get paid to BATE people/ or can i get a free handie from you right now

    1. FRED, Very Intelligent Comment.. It must be your Brain damage!!! Too many man fucking your BRAIN-OUT………….

  3. this has to be a blonde… the funny thing is she actually has friends.. and they’re too ‘nice’ to tell her she is as dumb as a bag of rocks. she must be pretty because only beautiful people are allowed to be this stupid without someone being a good enough friend to tell them they are

    1. Apparently, nobody has read the terms of agreement. When you post “last”, that’s it. Yeah, I know. Nobody cares either.

  4. So, movies aren’t real, and when we’re at it, Santa Claus doesn’t exist, the Easter Bunny is a perv, and girls are not born in roses, neither are boys in cabages.

    1. Cabages are cabbages for an ignorant dull french girl, aka myself. Won’t happen again, stop hitting me mommy!

  5. Ah! that wonderful moment when you realize the human race has dwindled down to this, we really are fucked with ppl like this leading our country one day. well hopefully the aliens will eventually change their minds and come collect these morons for a space zoo or some shit.

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