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  1. ravenwolf they never mentioned what age the participants were in the gay images!! lol could well be gay kiddy porn :\

    1. 2lolo if its Fred’s gay porn how would you know that there was a donkey in it unless you watched it yourself?

    2. Also, if a donkey was in it, wouldn’t it be considered “beastiality porn” and not gay porn?
      Come on two-ey, you can do better than that. I’m gonna start thinking you’re making all this stuff up.
      btw, I’m impressed you spelled priest correctly.
      -autunm :]

    1. so his secret plan was to stage an accidental reveal that he was gay so he could let you know that you were on to him being gay? sounds perfectly reasonable.

  2. Amazes me that male Priests all over the world don’t have heterosexual sex before marriage, but rooting a dude or a kid seems to be acceptable? WTF?

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