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    1. Like her mom is any real parent anyways. Who cares if she finds out, no punishment they don’t believe in it. The worst that can happen is her bitch mom will steal her shit. lol

    1. Anyone under the age of 20 SHOULD STFU on FB for their own good… but then I’d have less entertainment, so… I guess I think you should STFU.

    2. I’m 19 and i agree kids from my generation don’t know how to think before they speak or research before they post shit on FB.

    3. DON’T LIE FRED… You enjoy showing people how TOUGH you are….. ON THE INTERNAT!!!! BUT IN REAL LIFE YOUR A PUNK!!!!!!!! LIKE YOU CLAIM YOUR INTO “KARATE” Ha! Ha!…. I wonder what your “sensei” will think of you challenge me to fight you?? But YOU BACK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Well, 2lolo, to be honest, I’m scared of you. I’m afraid you’ll thump boogers at me from your wheelchair.

  1. lol poor guy. kids dont smoke weed, unless ur gonna take care of your shit, dont give us potheads a bad name. + u shud b 18.

  2. This is absolutely awesome! Dude deserves a medal 😀

    Personally I’d like to drop kick that whiny bitch in the face and tell her life doesn’t revolve around her. 15 yrs old means she knows about jack dick about life.

    1. I don’t know Jack Dick. Sounds like he could be related to 2lolo. Who’s otherwise known as Fuck Stick.

    2. THANK YOU “FRED”. I’m happy to be a “FUCK STICK”……. It’s Better than being A TRANNY!!! Most of all your “THE GRAND MASTER OF ASS TO MOUTH”!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, Vic. I’m a bit of a therapist myself. Tell me your troubles and I’ll give ya some advise. It’ll probably be, considered by most, fucked up advise, but it’ll also probably work. You just have to agree to follow a strict regimen of out and out bullshit. Now, lay down on the couch.

    2. Well, you gotta understand that I don’t possess a license, but I can, at least, provide you with something that’d make you wanna dance. Can’t guarantee how well you’d do, though. I wouldn’t count on qualifying for Dancing with the Stars.

    3. Yeah… because Dancing w/ the Stars only accepts the utmost quality in both it’s dancing and superstar celebrity status.

      I hope you understand that this is for your own good….


    4. I wouldn’t trust him if I were you. You lay down on the couch, and the next second, he’ll be popping your cherry, strawberry and peanut…

  3. I hate all those kids, smoking weed and thinking they’re the most cool people ever… How ridiculous.

    As for the troll, he was succesfull AND right 😀

  4. Done that b4 said lol after somthing person put ^funny kid then i explained y i put lol and this dumbass put^intresting so i just deleted both my coments it was funy lol!

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