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  1. is it wrong that i just love this pict, lol. also, is it just me, but it seems one of these things is not like the others?

    1. they clearly have had juice or soda put in those bottles one looks like Squirt and the other apple juice ive drank that beer and it is much darker just look at the one in the parents hand

  2. Another reason why creation should be controlled, especially from vulgar people of this severity. Call Child Services…..NOW!

  3. Damnit… there’s not one beer left in my fridge and this fucker wastes fine beer by letting his kids drink it. Oh, the Humanity…

    gotta get beer…

  4. Well, Ive seen worse things heading the oarenting fail topic… you can see they are eating shrimps, and thise should only be eateb with beer in my opijion… I’ll call this parenting win, eating habbits win, maybe politeness fail.

    1. Let us not forget they’ll also know how to drink cheap rot-gut malt liquor and make poor tattoo decisions lol.

    1. the fail is he should be drinking Negra Modelo. other than that he’s right up to spec for a cholo. and the kids are obviously from down the street, unless his old lady’s white.

    2. Yes, Negra much better, plus I’d mentioned up top if neighbors kids (could be from down the street) 8D

    3. Since you mentioned it, where do think his “old lady” is? this ought to be good….


    5. @food. Not what I was expecting, but hilarious nontheless.
      @two-ey, How do you know what week old shrimp in the sun smell like? No, it’s not a riddle either.

    6. yeah, the irony is she went to prison for stabbing him during a conjugal visit when he was in prison.

    7. So he rats her out, and gets out on good behaviour to be a stay at home dad to raise the white kids. I think you’ve figured this one out. Way to go!

  5. Those kids might not do anything productive with their lives, but they’re not going to turn up as someone’s bitch wearing a skirt pretending to hitch-hike on the 101…

    1. fucl you t-_- the kids are possing, you swear they are ghonna drink that, the dad finioshed it. plus we all learn how to drink later on in life, or tell me you dnt drink ehh?

  6. And people wonder why there are damning generalizations about certain cultures when you see evidence like this picture.

  7. What’s the fail holmes?….I’m a better dad than you vato.I swear to la Virgencita de la Guadalupe that if Child Services comes to my house I’ll be waiting in my white sneakers with white long socks,white shirt,khaki shorts and my yellow bandana drinking a Corona beer with my big hairy mustache touching the neck of the bottle…Pinche pendejo if you want to find me I’ll be waiting at the street corner of Home Depot in my red low rider hearing rancheras in la radio….

    1. Duhhh…fucking yellowhaired idiot,a puritan-sissy i suppose,i hate gringos like you,i live in Mexico and im still in Mexico,and my skin is white but thats not a motive of “pride”,by the way i have more money than your shitty middle class workers,when you came to mexico you will know what means “casta”,you are the kind of idiot who think money is everything you are a pathetic bastard.

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