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  1. FRED, Never turn around as your “JOHN” banging you. Once any “JOHN” see the real your “FACE”. They run away without paying you!!! Go RHINO..

    1. Why don’t you learn to drive, Fuck Stick? Don’t rev the engine and pop the clutch in reverse with a river behind you, Fuck Stick!

    2. O!!! FRED, Yes I stick it to all the Girls and Woman..
      But like you, all GAY MAN’S STICK IT TO YOU!!!
      Remember you are the Crowning ASS to MOUTH!!!! CHAMP!!! GO RHINO……..

    3. “O!!! FRED, Yes I stick it to all the Girls and Woman..”
      That’s just not true. Those two you’ve got locked up in your basement are not “all the Girls and Woman..”. And I believe most of the women that visit this site frequently (maybe not Mara)would testify that after a sexual encounter with you (rape) they would promptly find the tallest builing they could find and jump off.

    1. No. She knew how to drive. She just didn’t know how to back off a bridge into a river. Now she does.
      Aint it funny how we assume it’s a “she” 😀

    1. she’s more than one woman? that seems unlikely. of course, I can see how it would be hard to drive with two heads, one always bitching at you to check your mirrors, when she really could just do it for you instead of being such a fucking pain in the ass. eventually you’d probably end up driving backwards into a river just to get her to shut the fuck up.

    1. how about you go find the highest cliff and try bungee jumping without the rope (keywords: WITHOUT THE ROPE)?! Perhaps you don’t have any balls, maybe you should just crawl back to your cave and never come back out again you awkward creature.

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