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    1. The idea that this could be from one of the 2 billion non-United States English speaking people on this planet didn’t even cross your pithily little mind did it?

    2. @Zach: Wow are you always this hostile towards people you don’t know? I could reccmmend a great councilor but he is most likely out of you’re region. Back on topic though, international laws on unauthorized access are nearly the same so unless the guy lives in north korea, he is still equally screwed. And as the fact that FB is hosted in the U.S, He is vulnerable to be charged under U.S law.

    3. How else is he supposed to get his phone back without checking his phone for a home number? Aside from that, the cab driver can sue him for harassment, not paying the fare, and emotional damages. So, therefore, they cannot see each other in court. Think of it like this: Someone steals your drugs, and you know who it is. You can’t sue him for theft because it’s your drugs that he has!

  1. And, If you had downloaded the LOOKOUT app, you could have even erased the data remotely and made the phone SCREAM in his ear all day!

    1. There is nothing to get. 2lolo is a kid and is posting comments under fake name because no one actually agree with him. He’s just a pathetic 12 years old.

  2. i wont spend my time teach him a lesson. cz douchebag never learn. he ll just make shore not leving the phone next time.

  3. This story is fake! I have seen this before several times now. This person just changed the story a little. This never happened!

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