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    1. Look epicfail your members are fighting over comment position, get your shit together fast before they start eating one another.

    1. Your jokes keep getting funnier and funnier. Who gets tIred of the same jokes everyday? Not me. I’ll do you a favor and just write your comments for today. Nicky don’t rape my dog pineapple and Fred come and suck my balls. There now you can go on with your day.

    2. Thank You MARA… But I never said ( FRED come and suck my balls ) But you welcome to suck fred balls…..

    1. They’re always nervous and tense. They make me nervous. When you pet them they’re a little ball of tense nervousness/nervous tenseness. Pretty good fried, though…with some Hibachi sauce.

    2. yeah, but technically there’s more meat on chicken wings, so I usually just order those instead.

    3. Mmmm!! Let see “Food Rapist is a man?? and MARA is a MAN TOO???? FRED want’s to be in the middle of 2 man’s……..
      DAMN!!!! FRED, you are a TRANNY………..

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