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    1. I’m gonna guess German tourists. Just not sure where. Hotel looks European and Dad’s legs look sunburnt from playing golf all day.

    2. Theese people are from Sweden on vacation in Thailand.

      The magazine is Indeed Swedish. Its a tabloid called “Hänt Bild”.
      On the cover it says something like “Den chockerande sanningen om Brangelinas tvillingar” wich translates to “The chocking truth about Brangelinas twins”

    1. POOR, POOR Autumn O’Beale, So lonely!!! No one love her….. Autumn has only 6 friends on her hand. 5 STICKY FINGERS and her FIT, that she call, “LOVER BOY”………

    2. You know what two-ey? I can actually make sense of that (I think). well written. not all caps, just the emphasized words, etc.

    1. I’m sooo glad you pointed that out. I mean of course, the funny part of the picture IS the magazine :/

  1. We have BILD magazine in sweden Also… AND if u looook close u will seeeeeeeeeee its swedish it says on the Cover!!! NERDS!!!

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