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    1. Yeah, but is he smart enough to put it in the “front” of his pants or will he put down the back.

    2. it’s actually ironic that i’m making fun of him shopping for cucumbers since i call myself “food rapist”.

    3. i originally called myself “child porn” but none of my posts were getting published, so i went with something less offensive.

    4. Food Rapist, The Cucumber is for eating not for your ass-o!!!!!! Now that you and FRED hanging together.. Ask FRED to teach you the right way to do “ASS to MOUTH…

    5. No. He only favorites Womens Defense videos so he can counter their defenses(he hopes) or he favorites Birth videos to masturbate to. Such a well rounded FUCKWIT.

    1. FRED, Still Smelling Dirty Pantis… And Dreaming someday you have a own pussy. First get a ful body Liposuction than a Face lift..

  1. Putain c’est en France Oo
    Mais… Il ne fait jamais assez beau ni chaud pour porter de telles fringues, chez nous!!

  2. Je parie que c’est un touriste allemand ou danois en vacances dans le midi. On a même de la chance qu’il ne soit pas à poil mdr.

  3. Epic Fail could become the new (No, I’m not refering to the contagious sexual tension there is between some of its top-members) I can totally see the unbelievably cute couple he’d make with that audacious woman in those… well… Short shorts, from the photo posted a while ago.

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