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  1. Its not the dress’ fault this bitch is a fatass… I feel sorry for the guy whos marrying that. The bridesmaid is hot though, Id smash the dog shit out of her.

    1. Yes. We are that stupid. I can’t speak for the others, but I’m here for a reason. To get edumicated. So far, I’ve learnt quite a bit.
      Want to play with 2lolo for a while?

    2. Yeah, I really need to know what a prom dress is. I feel so fucking stupid not knowing. Please explain in detail exactly what one is so that you can feel better for explaining some trivial shit, I can immediately forget, and we can all get back to our mundane lives. Please proceed, Megan.

  2. AUTUMN O’Blow Job, Are you getting Married?? Who the fuck will marry a fat pice of shit like you??? Tell me it’s not FRED??? Can it Be you will get a SEX Change like FRED? DAMN!!! AUTUMN you must be really HOT-UP…

    1. “Pice”? slow down. Go smoke some crack. That’ll usually take the edge off the meth. Works for me.

    2. “AUTUMN you must be really HOT-UP”. What is hot-up? I’m not sure, but I think he was trying to compliment you, Autumn.

  3. It would be a really cute dress if it fit her in the chest area. Seriously not everybody wants to see your goodies. Buy a dress that fits everywhere or have one that is a little bigger altered.

  4. I actually drew a diagram of where i thought her nipples were. i came to the same conclusion that they are tucked under. what a trainwerck. i should submit more pictures of her. her facebook is fantastic

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