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  1. Wow. Let’s all get the kids, put them in a cage, take a picture and post it on the internet so we can all get it out of our system once and for all.

    1. It does not seem to me that this is a one time thing. As I see it, the baby seems rather comfortable with its surroundings, as obviously the parents (the girl?) has made accommodations such as the privacy curtain that lets down over the door and the blankie. I would bet that there’s even a toy or two in there. It’s also very near to the tv, so I bet they were either too broke or lazy to buy a real baby crib. They probably stole this one from the vet…. This is definitely a parenting fail.

    1. You know, I’m gonna start taking pictures of people changing a tire on the side of the road and call it, “Emergency Roadside Assistance Fail”. These stupid pictures have just taken over this site.

  2. Another example of Epic Fail’s increasingly shitty “fails”. Kids are curious and imaginative. That little girl probably was pretending to be a dog and went in the kennel herself. I know plenty of kids who’ve done similar things. Why can’t kids just be kids anymore?

  3. The kid is not flippin’ the bird, there’s no weed on the tray on the floor, the tv doesn’t have a WII controller sticking out of it, the blinds are in good shape so parents haven’t jumped out the window from smoking salvia… what gives?

  4. oh my god, this is my father’s house. and that is not a joke. my younger brother must have taken this and posted it. or one of the parents of the kids that they babysit over there. haha. wow.

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