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    1. @suckit all, Don’t mind FRED!! If you keep on, someday FRED will say he will kick you ass….
      Only ass FRED can kick is a ONE LEG TRANNY..
      FRED know’s he can run away……

    1. Were you naturally born this stupid or did ur mom drop u on ur head? You are really bruto, tonto and imbecil. Look it up

    2. Good call Fred, blatant photo shop, it’s head is too big and it’s body is a different color! Oh yeah, shiny head too. We are two peas in a pod Fred!! Mara, where’s your sense of humor.


    4. Thank you, Ian. It’s good to have a friend here with all the assholes constantly picking on me. I try to be nice. I try to be a good troll. Why they hate on me so much?
      Evil bastards! God loves me more than you all!

    1. Fred is a gay ass who watches autumn puke and gets horney . He let’s his mail man stick a load in his mailbox if you know what I mean. He really wants to see my blue balls. Suck that fred flintstone

    2. Stfu food rapist you probably haven’t even seen a pussy. You and fred suck each others dicks. Go get gf instead of screwing men like fred wait he ain’t a man so screw him all you want it

    3. maybe get a shot where you’re drooling so it looks like a pussy with jizz leaking out of it.

    4. Marbel Comics presents a Fuckwit Teamup! The dastardly bastard 2Blow Hole and his retarded new ally, Suck’em Dry!

    5. Fred fuck you. I know you want my balls in your mouth but I ain’t gay. And I sucked my gf pussy dry everyday you suck Food Rapist ass dry of shit.

    6. “I know you want my balls in your mouth but I ain’t gay.”
      You’ve definitely got me fooled. Have you not figured out that when you say shit like that, it comes across as very faggoty and a special homosexual kinda gay?

    7. Fred fuck you. Go to fucking food rapist house. Your the who wanted to see my balls you gay ass motherfucker. Your a ghetto fool. And if I was gay why would I suck pussy. Think twice before you say it dumbass.

    8. How does fucking my mother have anything to do with being gay? And I don’t have to think twice about you being gay. You literally scream that you’re gay: check your previous comments.

    9. 2lolo’s got a gay dream plan that he’s trying to bring to fruition. I can’t help him on that. He’ll have to get Suck ’em Dry to help him with that one.

    10. Hey fred go fuck your self cause you can’t get pussy. Your a ghetto whiny ass bitch who thinks he owns everything. Your the gayest one on here maybe if thought about your life maybe you’ll get pussy but instead you get a tube sock. I banged your mother hard. Get a life dumbass. Now stop saying that im gay when im the who is getting pussy. Peace out fucker.

    11. Hey sucksit all.. At what point in 5th grade did you drop out of school. Ignorant fuck!!

    12. So, after all this banter, I’ve figured out that Mr Suckit all day long like a traveling hooker is gay. That’s right isn’t it? Take your faggy crap somewhere else suckit, 2lolo’s house preferably!!

    13. Yeah, Mr. Suck Us Dry’s mommy and daddy has him thinking that he’s a special little someone, so he wants us all to know it and respect him. He’s a stud and rubs dickheads with the mailman and some “Mr. Insano”, but he’s not gay.

    14. I just think it’s highly suspicious that Sucks it All shows up and instantly attacks Fred, while 2lolo mysteriously goes missing for a couple days

    15. Fuck you all I didn’t drop out. Im not gonna deal with this shit I have a life to live and a pussy to suck. All of you cab suck my balls cause I know fred wants to suck them
      Now all the new people that are popping up fuck you too cause you guys don’t know what we’re talking about. FUCK YOU ALL!Β‘!

  1. Fred Stfu I you and food rapist are a perfect gay match. You suck the shit out of him a food rapist sucks your dick while you drooled on his chode. I fucking hate 2lolo you guys should have a orgy because you all talk about balls. Food rapist I know my balls are sweet and juicy my gf told me. And all of you dumb Asses get a life. Food rapist I don’t know who your loving but please stay at your sausage fest don’t try too rape us ora my gma Berry pie . Oh and I will always love pussy and get it everyday and you gay asses will only get butt fucked. Goodnight

    1. Hey, Suck ’em Dry. I would like to work it out. I think you’re really “cool”. You are my new hero. I want to be just like you when I grow up. Will you teach me how to be “cool” like you? Will you teach me how to get laid every 5 minutes like you do? Please?

  2. I was like “oh cool it got a lot of comments, let me go see if there are any interesting ones”. Then I come in here and see nothing but comments from the same fucktards.


    1. I’m missing out on all the fun. Been posting comments all day and none are showing up. This probably wont show up either

    2. Hey! It posted. ’bout time. Sorry I missed out on all the fun, but enjoyed reading at least. Carry on gents.

    3. Some of mine have not been showing up. If I try to repost, I get that message that I’ve already said that. This site really needs to update it’s html. It’s also getting slower and slower.

  4. I have announcement I am actually a girl. I acted like a boy because no one paid attention to me on this. I don’t get pussy I suck dick. I hate bitches I like my bf John. Now all of you should understand that I can talk crap like a guy but can live in a girls body. And get dick. And fred I don’t care what you have to say after this cause everyone knows that your an asshole. πŸ˜€

    1. Wow your my hero girl. Fred is an ass. But your the best person on here. Next thing you know fred is actually food rapist. Idc if your girl cause you stood up to a man but you were the bigger man when cussing.

    1. You’ve got some other trolls trolling you now. That shit’s not me. I’m still not convinced that you’re either boy or girl. Sorry.

    2. Look. For fuck’s sake! You don’t have to go thru all this shit to have a conversation. Just talk. Funny though.

    1. needs to allow replying to comment replies.Also, 100th comment.Not that it makes me happier or whatever.

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