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    1. owner fail for not cleaning out his SUV of all the fast food wrappers & shit before the big rollover race.

    1. Ja sieht aus wie die “Legendary” Nordschleife des Nürburgrings in good old Germany.By the way you mean apfelsaft.Applejuice.

  1. Looks like someone was in a hurry to get to the laundry mat with all those clothes. And trying to pull off an Ace Ventura parking maneuver.

    1. ‘mornin’. Up late last night getting rid of some frustrations? (based upon some of the comments-good ones too, I might add)

    2. @AUTUMN, Was that FRED driving the SUV as you SUCK his tiny penis? Or was FRED playing STICK FINGER?

    3. Thanks for spelling my name correct.
      And, how art thou today?
      Looks like you brought your “B” game, as usual.

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