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    1. Good for him. Doesn’t give a fuck if it looks cool or not, teaching his kids what matters instead of blindly buying shit because your a Walmart whore.

    2. Looks more like a Recycling WIN to me.Those bottles are much better off as an improvised floatie than littering the beach.

  1. I have a friend who was about to drawn, ‘couse was shame to ask for help the lifeguard… that m8 dont have that problem…

    1. I’ll say it again, that’s LOL! even 12 hrs later (of comments not posting)
      Yep, Yep.

  2. Defo not fail going from photo as no indication that it wont work. Also for one he has given the decent flotation device to his companion so kudos for that.

    1. dear sikik jack
      do not you see arabic character on the coca cola bottle?
      turks are uses latin alphabet,in latin alphabet does not exist arabic character…

  3. A fail?? at least he recycles,those bottles can save your life,i know about a man who made an “island” with empty bottles of coca-cola,in cancun.

  4. Both flotation devices are a fail – it’s just going to take one leak to deflate that yellow one. If you need a flotation device, don’t use a cheap blow-up one. Use a real life vest with foam that won’t leak even if punctured.

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