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    1. Yes. Basic Calculus is, as well as Basic Quantum Physics and Basic Theory of Relativity

    2. Integral Calculus mastery gets you a managerial position at Applebee’s
      anything less gets you relegated to fry cook

  1. Damn right. Teachers like this get in trouble but they’re the only ones with the balls to tell kids how it is… I could rant on this.

    1. McDonald’s has no feelings it’s a fucking POS money grubbing corp that feeds poison to welfare children. Smarten Up 😉

    2. I understand that you can buy their hamburgers and just keep them in your cabinet. I think the shelf life is measured in something like milleniums.

    3. Actually, I rarely eat McDonald’s shit. Never have cared for it, unless whoever I’m with wants to eat there or I have no other choice. But I was not aware that they are feeding welfare children. WTF is that all about?

  2. Americunt way of teaching Pupils. Let’s raise a whole generation of Macdonald/Fish & chips/Burger king/chily’s/Wendy’s/Taco Bell/Dunking Donut.. employees! Yuhu

    1. Well, the 1 percenters have to make sure they keep their way of life too, ya know. That’s why they have their politicians. That’s also why the really smart politicians are staying out of this presidential race.

  3. So many idiots on here. This teacher is awesome. You can’t “be anything you want to be”, that’s a crock. Suppose this kid wants to be a nurse, or a scientist, or maybe the CEO of a money grubbing corporation? They cant do that without passing math. McDonald’s is a shit-job that doesn’t require any skills. It’s not even hard work. You want to see hard work talk to Mike Rowe and watch Dirty Jobs, that man can tell you about hard work. Farming is much harder than McDonalds, but you can’t even be a farmer without math skills like how many square feet is your farm? How many pounds of fertilizer do you need to grow your crops? How many crops can you grow? How much should you charge for your crops in order to make a profit? All math. I hate math, but it’s a necessary evil. And if you want to get a good job, you need math. This teacher is sending a wake up call. Kids today are too coddled and could use a dose of reality.

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