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  1. What is it that provokes a woman to go into a “beauty” salon and say, “Oh, I don’t know…just fuck me up. Make me look like a retard”? I don’t get it.

    1. Well, that’s kinda difficult to argue, one way or the other, but given the skin complexion and the ear, nose shapes I’d bet money it’s female.

    2. FRED, My Bitches has Pussy… Food Rapist lick your ASS clean as you Suck on your TRICK Cock…
      Well, Food Rapist.. I see you have a new Bitch… I hope you and FRED have a happy life as lovers…..

    3. Adolf! You better git hold of this bitch of yours! Insultin’ my ignorance and shit! I’ll fucking Jap-slap her ass!

    4. Don’t worry Fred, I’ll have this schlampe back in the kitchen making schnitzels for the Reich again soon!..My apologies, I will grant you half of Poland for compensation.

      -Der F├╝hrer

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