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  1. This bitch can rot in hell.. My daughter battled cancer for 2.5 years and she is now only 11. This is not something you fake..

    1. I’m sorry about that. I’ve dealt with cancer in my family and though I don’t know about dealing with a sick child in that situation, I know quite a bit about the ordeal. And no, it’s not something someone should fake.

  2. Watched my grandma die. Fuck you bitch I hope some one kills your husband gruesomely in front of you, and Satan pops out and fucks your mother. Giving birth to the anti-christ leading to revelations being full filled. And the return of Jesus. Leading to your judgment and sends you to the deepest lair in Baphomats temple. You pathetic fucking scum.

  3. A lot of people do this kind of stuff to get money, but the difference is that they fucking leave to another place after that! She didn’t!

    1. Actually, if Karma worked in the best of ways, she would get cancer for real just as she’s arranging for the second marriage.

  4. I am disgusted by the lack of conscience this chic has. What’s worse though is this v
    B*tch gets up to 4 yrs while some scum mom in Ohio was recently charged only a pathetic 3 yrs for not reporting her dead 5 yr old and chucking her away In the weekly trash pick up back in 2006. She admitted to it all and without the body they only charge her for 3 yrs!!!! I’m sick to this justice system

  5. what kind of person would pull that shit?! my mom is fighting stage three breast cancer and it is not something you fake. I might actually have to pray for this woman because if I ever met her in real life, I just might kick the shit out of her.

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