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    1. That’s the fred that causes so many problems. Talking ugly and pissing people off. Then I have to deal with it.

  1. Maybe we are overjudging her too, what if she already went to that place and saw the “homeless” so she knows how the guy looks like?¿? whatever, we can’t know…

    1. im thinking it was the fried chicken too. the other comment about homeless people always being black, it just went over their head.

  2. Why do morons AUTOMATICALLY ASSume, that ALL homeless people, are black? :facepalm: Heck! I’m white. And, if I were homeless, I wouldn’t mind fried chicken. That’s some good stuff, for sure. Haha!

    1. americans? try the media…and anyways this is not even fair U say fried chicken wtf is the first thing that comes to ur mind???? dont lieee now lol

  3. WHAT in THE fuck does this have to do with racism????? Its called stereotyping….has anyone heard of it? fuckin morons….

  4. Stereotypes regarding white people are just funny stereotypes.
    Stereotypes regarding black people are effing racism.

    Welcome to the 21st Century :-/

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