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    1. I think your house is a little Crooked? was that really worth adding to the photo to try & kickstart this dying website? Epicfail you suck.

    2. If they suck so much then stop wasting your time looking and leaving comments on the pics and Fu.k off cause no one wants to read your stupid ignorant comments anyway. U really get on my nerves. If I had u in front of me I will punch you in the face. Go back to worshiping the devil!

    3. @Amy Winehouse REALLY? Your name on here is Amy Winehouse? I think the only fail here is your fucking name, and the fact that you actually like that drug induced, “I sound like I have a cock down my throat when I sing” whore. Rethink your choices you idiot.

    4. well now we know who the fuckin fake epicfail posters are. Mara tell your idiot friends to stop posting garbage to the site. Mara come & try me. I’d have a little surprise for you 😉

    5. Did anyone stop to think that maybe you are really in the same net cafe as the other or u work with them or walk by them everyday?? wow internet gotta love it

    1. NOT likely. From the looks of it, the house feel due to snow…That, and the background scenery, doesn’t even LOOK like Japan. :facepalm:

  1. I agree with you Mara. I just love it when people get on a website that they hate just to talk trash about it. It says a lot about how much of a social life they have.

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