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    1. @FOOD RAPIST, You should get a new Nintendo..
      Maybe you can meet new people… It must be lonely, without any friends…..

    2. @2lolo you’re such an ass. you insult everyone on here, just stfu and move out of parents basement. Dont you know, THEY FUCKING HATE YOU. Troll-accomplished.

    3. 2lolo… I’ve never said this before…. but I find you reasonably acceptable. There, I said it.

  1. Want to impress me? do that to an Electric Football Game. Any of knuckleheads remember that! come on. show your age!

  2. Some people “ooooo” and “aaaahh” over some of the stupidest shit. You all ought to see my sex-swing I put up in my livingroom if you want to see something worthy of an “ooo” or an “aah”.

    1. Well, before I’m done, I could say you could place it on a coaster ,(I’m heat sensitive) carefully balanced on my boner. But then, you didn’t ask that, did you? Sorry to go off on a tangent.
      I guess you will have to place it on the floor. You see, I’ve dedicated the whole room to the swing. You see, I’m so engrossed with my new toy that I’ve thrown away all the other shitty conventional furniture and I’m going for an abstract fuck art kinda thing, ya know? I’m trying to get into the new Better Swings & Orgy Gardens magazine.

    2. A little feng shui for my tastes, yet I’m never invited to your unsanitary sex ceremonies! I understand that I haven’t the most artsy-fartsy agenda, but a little tea and television never hurt anybody (aside from the masses(I’m so powerful!!!)). I see how you are, bra.

    3. Mmmm! Never been cliche before, have we?
      I see I need to douse the furnace and ice down the H2O bed for your “unexpected” little visit. Hmm?

    4. Please disclose my cliche tendencies!!! Nothing’s more cliche than trying to not be cliche!!! Just don’t tell anybody. I usually just get wasted and fall asleep on the floor like a heaping mess anyway. Couches are overrated, as are beds. Besides, your sexcapades are only unexpected if you don’t invite me. If that’s the case, I guess I’ll see you whenever.

    5. Hmm. Touche.
      I guess I did play this coy role a bit too…”hard”?
      I suppose that I have become a bit too fascitious in these…clandestined matters, and I’m a bit too ambiguous in my statements.
      Sorry…I apologize.
      But…I’ve found that it’s just too “hard” to deal with the “after taste” of an “empty swing”…If you catch?
      Maybe this fling was just not meant to be?
      Maybe this inferno should be but a slight spark…and remembered as such?
      Oh…I’m so confused!

  3. The first picture shows the D-Pad on the right side of the controller and the two buttons on the left. The following two pictures show the D-Pad on the left and the buttons on the right. Obviously these aren’t the same controller.

  4. If my wife was looking like that, I would definitelly continue playing Mario, hopin’ to see the 8-bit princes…

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